Not all addicts will realize the need for treatment on their own. In fact, it is likely that a loved one or trusted friend will be the one who addresses the need. Many in this situation will choose to stage what is know as, an intervention. An intervention is a nonjudgmental and loving way to encourage an addicted loved one into participating in a recovery program.

A successful intervention usually consists of a leader and a few other loved ones and trusted friends who have been affected by the addict’s behavior. It is necessary for the leader to stay organized and focused on the common goal, the goal of treatment and recovery.

Once a person has made the decision to commit to recovery and treatment the Detox process will begin. It is common, but varies depending on the severity of addiction as well as the substance being abused, 3-7 days. The range of symptoms is wide and very individual. Physician monitored prescriptions may be used to ease this process while the body rids itself of the abused drug, ultimately finding its way back to a healthier state. Recovery will be impossible until this stage has been completed.

Upon completion a patient will be able to address the social, emotional and psychological issues contributing to the addiction itself.